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12 Oct

A chilly and slightly misty sunrise on thursday morning



A land urchin. Sweet chestnuts, not an indiginous species, introdused by the Romans. Don't expect
great chestnuts for roasting as those come mostly from grafted trees. This one has fallen before ripening fully.


11 Oct

Powdery brown spores cover the area around this ganoderma fungus.
Although this looks like horseshoe bracket fungus the brown spores give it away. Not edible.


10 Oct

Probably a pleated waxcap, but possibly a parasol mushroom. Fungus are difficult to identify from
photographs. The smell, the size and vitally how the gills connect to the cap are all necessary.


photo courtesy of Jonathan Rowland

9 Oct

Beautiful autumn colours at the bottom of Tanyard Lane. This mild Octoberweather should
result in some brilliant leaf colours.


Trees are on the turn as Autumn takes over. It's at this time of year that you can notice
different trees that last month all looked the same...

IMG5882 the wild service tree here that just looked like another oak until it turned brown
last month and has now started dropping its leaves.


8 Oct

To celebrate Fungus day here is a lovely earthball that has matured and shot its spores through
the rotting hole at its centre.


7 Oct

These foxes areoften so focused on their prey, mice & voles, that it's possible to sneak up close.
They seem to have an expression of embarrassed incompetence when they turn and notice you.



Optimistic blackberries that are now too late to ripen.


4 Oct

This sabre wasp uses its long ovipositor to insert its eggs into the larvae of beetles and other insects,
where they hatch and devour their host from the inside.



It's fly agaric time of year. The remains of its white veil form the white spots which wash off in the rain
making identification difficult. Something has been nibbling this one, hopefully not a human as they
are highly poisonous. Deer and other animals nibble away, possibly getting a little 'buzz'.


2 Oct

There are still plenty of 'dragonflies' around enjoying the occasional autumn sun. This looks like a
male banded darter but it seems to be short of dark brown bands on its wings.



Berries of the guelder rose which thrives in damp spots. This one grows beside the stream from
Nymans and is the only one I see locally.


1 Oct

Walkers setting off on the Angus Rowland Forget-me-Not Walk.


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